Are You Seeking the “Secrets” to Financial Freedom and Security in Your Business You Always Dreamed About?

How would you like to master a marketing strategy that generates up to 10x more leads and closes sales up to 8x faster?

Would you like to live your life more on your terms?

If any of these propositions appeals to you, you’ve come to the right place. Our mission is to deliver quick yet sustainable results for you so you can enjoy running the business of your dreams instead of the nightmare operation so many painfully endure these days.

Business doesn’t have to be hard but often times we make it that way despite our best efforts.

For instance, you probably already know there are over 25 million small businesses in the United States alone. Rather than finding the peace of mind and freedom you sought when you started your business, you are likely fighting like a one armed paper hanger just to keep your head above water.

Since you landed here today, odds are you are a small business leader.

As you look over this site, consider these eye opening and sobering statistics:

  • The US Census states that only 1 in 3.44 businesses (29%) lives to see its 10th birthday.

    Could you imagine if only 29% of babies survived ten years?

    Businesses are a lot like babies because they don’t come pre-configured to interact, think, or care for themselves yet the majority of business leaders treat them more like robots magically pre-programmed for success.

    Just like babies don’t come out of the womb pre-programmed for success, businesses don’t either. You’ve got to develop them from embryo to infant to adulthood just like you would a child.

    Unfortunately, there’s no “life manual” for how to raise a child perfectly although there are several proven strategies to develop a great business. Grant us the opportunity to help you implement and master a good number of them.

  • Did you know that every 19 of 20 companies will never reach $1 million in annual sales?

    For those few who get that far, the remaining 95% won’t make it to $5 million (which means only 1 in 400 makes it to $5 million).

  • Of those select companies who make it to $5 million, 98% won’t get to $10 million. In other words, you have a 1 in 20,000 chance of reaching $10 million in sales … EVER!

If you’ve achieved any of those milestones already, congratulations! You are in rarefied air.

For the rest of us, consider the following …

Now, you wouldn’t want your baby to die before its tenth birthday so why would you risk the same fate with your business? That’s why x2 Sales exists … to help your “baby” grow and thrive in today’s ultra competitive, always-on world.

With us, you get an inside track on becoming one of those rare businesses. Pick up the phone and call Roger at (502) 276-8003 now.

Simply stated, we can help you install a system that:

  • Substantially increases sales by generating awareness on a much larger scale because most businesses suffer from a lack of visibility … not innovation.
  • Achieves impressive results across the board to fuel profitable growth because you’re tired of wasting your money on strategies that produce marginal results.
  • Eliminates waste by focusing on what works instead of outdated, expensive status-quo because yesterday’s advertising and marketing doesn’t work for today’s more sophisticated, “always on” audience.
  • Builds your business‘ story lines to establish relationships with your ideal target audience faster and more cost effectively because your prospects are no different from anyone else … everybody enjoys a good story.
  • Continues to follow up with your customers after a sale because the least expensive sale is to an existing customer.
  • Automates the early stages of prospecting that frequently get passed over due to unplanned “fires” and day-to-day interruptions because it takes anywhere from 7-15 (12 on average) exposures with a new prospect to reach an initial purchasing decision.

The Process:

There is an initial mutual qualification interview. We firmly believe this is a partnership where all parties come out victorious …  you, your customers and us.

If there is strong potential for us to optimize your business, we conduct a more in depth interview to continue our due diligence of whether we’re a fit for one another. No high pressure slithery sales tactics like a used car lot and no bait and switch nonsense.

From that point, if we mutually determine it profitable to work together, we will sign the necessary paperwork and get started in our growth processes. This is where the real fun begins.

We conduct an in depth sales and marketing audit with key executives within your company to look for areas where we can make the greatest impact the fastest then branch out from there. This isn’t a warm and fuzzy session either … we’ll tell it straight and expect the same in return.

Introducing … Name Your Price!

Can’t afford hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement savvy marketing strategies? No problem.  You simply let us know what you can afford, and we’ll craft a solid plan to fit your budget.

When you commit to growing your business and are willing to roll up your sleeves, we’ll meet you half-way. You tell us what you can comfortably invest back into your business to achieve the growth you desire, and we’ll map out a plan to get you there on your terms.

We view you as a potential partner so that’s why we’ve taken this bold approach to make it easier for you to get the ball rolling.

Ready to get going? Call Roger at (502) 276-8003 now.