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Are you seeking help with growing your business without adding more to your already full plate? 

x2 Sales CRM Features

Utilize the x2 Sales CRM to take control of your business without adding more stress, hours to the work day or more tasks to your to-do list.

x2 sales crm features

Features of the x2 Sales CRM

Leverage these tools to take your business to the next level… mostly on auto-pilot:

Funnel Builder

Automate and optimize the customer acquisition process

eMail Marketing

Foster and maintain stronger relationships with your contacts

2-Way SMS

Communicate with customers however they wish to engage with your business

Automated Scheduling

Customers can schedule an appointment when it’s convenient for them without playing phone tag

Voice Tracking & Analytics

Track and record phone calls so you know which marketing campaigns are most effective

Custom Forms

Design and customize forms to capture the data you need from customers

Website ChatBot

Leverage AI to offer around the clock access to your business

Reporting Dashboard

Know how your business is performing at a glance by monitoring KPIs in one convenient location

Missed Call Automated Text Back

Re-engage potential customers who otherwise would have gone to a competitor to capture missed opportunities.

Reputation Management

Get more online reviews and better manage feedback from customers in one central place so you can build a stronger brand.

Wow Leads With a Modern Approach

From the moment a customer reaches out to your business, you want to impress them with your professional and efficient approach. 

With the x2 Sales CRM, you can showcase your tech-savvy methods for helping them solve their current issue. 

Our software offers a range of features, including your own website ChatBot, custom website builder, automated follow-ups, and more, all designed to provide a cutting-edge experience that will leave your customers impressed.

Say goodbye to outdated and cumbersome processes and embrace the future of business management with x2 Sales.

Automate The Early Stages of Follow Up To Build Relationships

With x2 Sales’ intuitive database, you can effortlessly capture and store a lead’s information, all while automating follow-up communications at the optimal time. 

You will no longer feel the migraines of setting reminders or searching through scattered notes for a lead’s contact details. With our document automation software, you can easily engage with new leads and enhance your customer relationships with minimal effort. 

Automate Prospect & Customer Reminders

Keep your customers in the loop and ensure that they never miss an appointment or important update with x2 Sales CRM’s automation tools. This allows you to streamline your communication process and deliver a top-notch experience. 

With automated reminders and updates, your customers will feel valued and reassured throughout their interaction with you. Don’t leave them guessing – let x2 Sales help you build lasting relationships and provide exceptional service.

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Automated Missed Call Text Back

Funnel Builder

Reputation Management

eMail Marketing

Automated Scheduling

Reporting Dashboard

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