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Small Business Marketing Automation

Did You Know?

80% of all leads are never followed up after the 2nd attempt. There’s a lot of work that goes into getting a lead, but to let 80% “die” after the second follow up attempt is almost criminal, wouldn’t you agree?

Effective and relevant communication is the key to customer satisfaction and happy customers spend on average 67% more than new clients.

Why Your Sales Force is Under-performing

Understanding the facts above, is it any wonder that most sales forces over-promise and under-deliver? Additionally, more than half of all sales reps (52%) give up after the first rejection even though statistics show that it takes 6-7 contacts to convert a prospect.

If you’re looking to make sure your prospects get consistent follow up and your company gains the critical exposure necessary to close more deals, you need a system. Enter marketing automation …

The Case for Marketing Automation

We have a rule at x2 Sales: if you do something more than 3 times per day, you can/should automate it. That includes sales and marketing processes.

Surely you and your employees answer the same questions, send the same basic emails, and complete similar repetitive tasks all day long.

An automated marketing campaign paves the way to:

  • Greater freedom from repetitive tasks that mercilessly eat valuable productivity
  • Higher sales conversions
  • Deeper relationships with prospects and customers
  • Increased frequency of purchase
  • Less time to a deal
  • Greater education of your prospects

Automated Email Marketing Services

Historically, email marketing is the most effective channel available to businesses.

Email marketing is a highly effective tool for building your brand, revenue, and more. Our affordable email marketing campaigns are ideal for small businesses like yours.

Auto-responders have become the standard for serious marketers. You can automatically send emails based on important dates or behaviors (someone fills out a form, clicks a link, calls your sales line, etc.) which allows you to stay in touch with your prospects & customers without adding additional grunt work.

Let us design an automated email campaign for you today.

We can develop a campaign as simple as an opt-in for a free report all the way up to a perpetual product launch where every new prospect is treated to your launch process as if you just launched your product for them.

There’s No Need to be a Propeller Head!

Want to know the best part? We’ll help you organize all of the tech while removing the need for you to be technical or a “propeller head.” You want to focus on running your business so let us help you remove the barriers to putting marketing technology to work for you.

No Cost Download

lead machine blueprint coverDownload your copy of The Lead Machine Blueprint for Small Business

This quick guide shows you the simple 4-step formula that attracts streams of Grade-A leads on auto-pilot.

Want to know the best part? You don't even have to opt-in or share any contact information. Go ahead, click the link below and get your guide now.

10-Minute Discovery Call

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schedule a discovery call to double your sales


Are you frustrated from being stuck running a stagnant small business with no growth in sight?

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