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The Small Business Incubator Event

Eliminate Your Biggest Business Growth Challenge in Just Three Short Days

Over the years, we’ve helped small businesses all across the United States grow and succeed with strategies, tactics and automation. The most successful customers are those that fully leverage automation within their businesses.

If you’re one of those rare birds … a bald eagle of sorts … that is committed, determined, and willing to spread your wings to lift your business to new heights, please join us for an extremely exclusive live event.

Introducing the Small Business Incubator Program

The name of the event is the “Small Business Incubator Program.”  Just like an egg that needs a healthy environment with love and attention to hatch, your business needs some TLC, too if it’s ever going to reach its true potential.

This event happens on June 15-17. We want to help you get your business turbo charged and help you implement automation so that you can work less, fatten your wallet and finally enjoy more of life. This program is built from the ground up so you can start to see great results immediately after this three-day event.

Who is the Small Business Incubator for?

This event is NOT a training program. Instead, it’s three days of access to our best marketing minds to help you define your growth campaign strategies and get them installed.

  • An established business with good prospect flow and solid customer base … in other words, you have a good product and/or service to offer but something is missing
  • Itching to implement strategies you’ve been putting off because life keeps getting in the way while your to-do list never seems to shrink
  • Leaving money on the table because you’re not marketing as effectively as you know you could

What will I get?

You’ll have unprecedented access to a group of marketing experts and resources like:

  • Copywriting, design and web consultants to guide you in the right direction
  • Access to over 10 pre-written campaigns you can customize to fit your needs
  • Small business growth experts and certified consultants
  • Automation “freaks” that can show you how to transition something you’re doing live and in-person today into a fully automated, systematized process so you only have to do it once then move on

You’ll spend three days working one-on-one with our team to get your marketing campaigns fully created, implemented and ready to make you money.

As a bonus, all attendees will receive:

  • A complete and confidential one-on-one Business Analysis session with Roger Bauer ($497 Value)
  • Access to the Search Engine Ninja Google SEO Training Program ($591 Value)
  • One year of access to the X2 Sales System Training Program ($591 Value)
  • One Marketing Hotseat Review Coupon ($197 Value)

As you probably already figured out, the value of the bonuses alone is $1,876. The good news is you get to keep those even if you decide the Small Business Incubator is not right for you.

How do I sign up?

Enrollment into the event is $5,997 for three days of one-on-one implementation with a 100% money-back guarantee—just put $1,999 down to reserve your place.

Once we’ve received your deposit, we’ll give you a call to discuss payment plans and what you want to get out of the event. If you ultimately decide it’s not right for you, we’ll fully refund your deposit straight away.

Space is strictly limited to the first 10 people to register, so reserve your spot today.


No Cost Download

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schedule a discovery call to double your sales


Are you frustrated from being stuck running a stagnant small business with no growth in sight?

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