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Direct Response Marketing Tips

Secrets of Successful Direct Response Marketing Exposed
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Do You Want To Boost Your Marketing Effectiveness?

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Free eBook about Personalized Direct Response Market shows you how to improve your results dramatically. Among the benefits you’ll uncover:

  • Reduce costs on future direct marketing campaigns by knowing which methodologies generate the highest response rates based on the initiative. (pages 5-13)
  • Improve open rates by learning which days are the most popular for opening e-mail. (page14)
  • Understand when to use a prospect or house list most effectively. (pages 18-19)
  • Increase revenue through personalization techniques designed to break through the clutter and get your message noticed. (page 22)
  • Boost direct mail response rates by as much as 1,000% through this technique. (page 25)
  • Review 7 case studies of companies achieving tremendous results with personalized direct response marketing. (pages 32-38)

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