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SEO Facts

Facts About Search Engines

  • 169,400,000 people in the United States use the internet.
  • 92% of Internet users worldwide use Search
    to find the sites they want.
  • Search Engine listings are the number one
    way to generate traffic on websites.
  • Google, Yahoo, and MSN are responsible for 82.3% of all Internet searches.
  • 97 percent of Fortune 500 companies had some type of site architecture problem that might give them problems being found by search enginesJupiter, June 2000
  • Nine out of ten web users visit a search engine, portal or community site each month. They also revisit frequently, nearly five times per month. Nielsen//NetRatings, May 2001
  • Users looking for products are far more likely to type the product name into a search engine’s search box (28%) than browse shopping “channels” (5%) or click on ads (4%) Jupiter Media Metrix
    & NPD, March 2001
  • Search engines are the top way consumers find new Websites online, used by 73.4% of those surveyed. Forrester, March 28, 2001
  • Search Engine Positioning was the top method cited by Website marketers to drive traffic to their sites (66%), followed by email marketing (54%). Direct Marketing
    Association, Aug. 2000
  • On average, Americans experience “search rage” if they don’t find what they want within 12 minutes. WebTop Search Rage Study, August 2000