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Louisville CEO Mastermind Group

Did You Know?

90% of small business failures can be traced to poor management from lack of knowledge. (Dunn & Bradstreet)

According to “The Emyth,” by Michael Gerber, the single biggest mistake made by business owners is working in your business, not on it. If you are performing tasks for your business, you have a job … not a business!

Introducing a Different Kind of CEO Mastermind Group

In an effort to help fellow CEOs become more effective and productive, special (invitation only) CEO mastermind groups are formulating in the Louisville, KY area.

These select groups of aspiring top CEO performers is being directed and coordinated by highly respected local business marketing consultants Bill Glass and Roger Bauer.

The group seeks out CEOs of businesses in the Louisville, KY area with the following characteristics:

  • 10-300 employees
  • $1 million – $30 million in revenue
  • Dynamic and growth oriented
  • Focused on continuous improvement
  • Willing to receive and give honest feedback from/to fellow CEOs

CEO Mastermind Benefits

By design, this invitation only group:

  • Increases accountability
  • Bounces ideas off fellow business owners with similar backgrounds
  • Gives you support from a strong network
  • Accesses professionals with complementary strengths
  • Improves delegation skills
  • Improves profitability
  • Leverages input from business coaches
  • Contributes to a higher level of business expertise

Why Should You Apply To Be Invited?

You already know that it’s nearly impossible to grow your business all by yourself. Our mastermind groups will enable you to discover easier ways to grow by leveraging the expertise and real-world experience of others.

In addition to the valuable experiences of other business owners, you get:

  • A seasoned business pro that leads each group that also works with you one-on-one every month on your primary issues
  • Access to an annual strategic planning retreat which keeps you moving forward on your most valuable business growth activities
  • Quarterly training sessions from highly regarded business leaders, marketers, and entrepreneurs.  These sessions keep you abreast of the latest trends, topics, and technology, and they include actionable guides & workbooks to aid in the implementation of the training information. After-all, discussion is useless without action!
  • A real opportunity to develop and grow as a CEO.  You can’t ride a bike without pedaling.  Likewise, it is awfully difficult to be the best CEO you can be without exercising your mind with an honest sounding board. A CEO mastermind group can act as a highly effective “vehicle” to help steer you to becoming a more highly-effective leader.

Think You Have What it Takes?

If you believe you could benefit from joining one of our groups, please fill out the brief form below so that Bill or Roger can follow up with you personally to determine if you’re a good fit for one of our select groups.

Please understand that if you meet the qualifications, you may be invited to join an existing group with an opening versus a new group. We obviously aim to fill existing groups before starting new ones, and we will not form a new group for less than 4 CEO applicants in order to facilitate team and role playing exercises.

Furthermore, the groups will have no more than 14 CEOs in each one, and no one from a competing business is allowed to join the same group.  We keep all groups non-competitive in order to benefit you the most in a non-threatening and very open environment.