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Louisville Properties


Louisville Properties is a full service Louisville, Kentucky Real Estate Company for buyers and sellers of real estate. They offer the following services: relocation assistance, rental housing assistance, flat fee transaction brokerage, FSBO assistance, and property management for Louisville Metro, Jefferson, Oldham, and Bullitt Counties in Kentucky.


As the real estate market began to cool, Jim Powell realized that more and more prospects were turning to the Internet and search engines to research properties, and they were also looking to save money.  Armed with that knowledge, Jim reached out to SMB Consulting to inquire about search engine optimization (SEO) services to better position his website to attract more prospects.


Louisville Properties employed SMB Consulting to improve their website’s search ranking for several keyword phrases (outlined below) through organic search engine optimization (SEO).

Website: http://louisvilleproperties.com

Targeted Keywords:

1.       Louisville Real Estate

2.       Louisville, KY real estate

3.       FSBO Louisville

4.       Louisville properties

5.       Flat fee realty Louisville

6.       Flat fee realty Kentucky

7.       Flat fee real estate Louisville

8.       Flat fee real estate Kentucky

9.       FSBO Louisville KY


Since hiring SMB Consulting to improve organic search positioning for several keyword phrases for their website, Louisville Properties has seen dramatic increases in overall visits to their website (http://louisvilleproperties.com).  Most of those visitors are new visitors (85% increase) and come from search engines (65% increase in search engine based traffic).

The site has seen an increase of 69% in overall traffic since the search optimization process began.  Those visitors are digging deeper into the site as there have been 164% more page views since the SEO campaign began.

In the nine months prior to beginning the SEO campaign, Louisville Properties received 35% of their visitors from search engines each month.  They now receive 58% of their visitors from search engines which is a 65% increase (as mentioned above).  This indicates a much stronger online presence within the search engine universe.

“I’m very pleased with the results.  It has been a very good experience” says Louisville Properties president Jim Powell.  “My business has picked up considerably as a result of better search engine rankings, and that’s what I was after when we started the process. I wanted people to know they had another option, and this has helped me achieve that goal.” Jim stated.

The site currently maintains 9 top 10 rankings in Google, including 6 top ratings, and 8 top 10 rankings in Yahoo, including 4 top ratings, for several of the keywords outlined above.

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Louisville Properties SEO Case Study