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Tego & Tracy Venturi Case Study (SEO)

Albuquerque Real Estate Team Uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Double Revenue & Take Top Honors


Client Name: Tego and Tracy Venturi of Keller Williams, New Mexico

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Industry: Real Estate

Time Period: 2009 vs. 2008

Business Challenge

Tego and Tracy Venturi wanted to increase their online traffic in order to sell more real estate. Previous campaigns that included traditional advertising methods such as: Yellow Pages ads, signage, and “canvassing neighborhoods” proved to be far less effective than desired so a new approach was sought out to focus on the popularity of the Internet and online search.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was a natural strategy to address this challenge as it was something the Venturi Team had evaluated yet hadn’t implemented with any level of seriousness in the past.

The Venturi Team relied upon the Search Engine Ninja SEO Training Program and Roger Bauer to guide them on the SEO process throughout their campaign.


2008 revenues for the Venturi Team checked in at a solid $9 million for the year. The couple wasn’t “hurting,” but they weren’t experiencing the recognition and freedom they desired when starting out in real estate.

2009 revenues doubled to $18 million for the team after successfully ranking on Google’s front page for several keyword phrases related to “Albuquerque real estate.”

Tego Venturi attributed “about 90%” of their sales originating from their online presence, WelcomeHomeABQ.com, during a recent interview. Additionally, the Venturis were recognized as the top Keller Williams New Mexico real estate agency for 2009.

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Venturi Team SEO Case Study