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Why Only 5% of Marketers Make Money With Social Media – Webinar Replay

Wes Schaeffer (a.k.a. “The Sales Whisperer”) and I just completed a couple of webinars this past week that sold out so we’re offering a replay of the webinar here so you can discover why only 5% of marketers make money with social media.

If you haven’t downloaded the workbook that goes with the webinar, please download it here: Social Media Webinar Workbook

To watch the video, simply click the play button on the video player below. Thanks in advance for your feedback . . . it’s very helpful.

[pro-player width=’500′ height=’400′ type=’video’]http://sm-ninja.s3.amazonaws.com/sm-webinar1.mp4[/pro-player]

If you’re having trouble getting the video to play, there is a podcast of the audio available below.