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Since everyone has their preferred communication method, a handy list of transcription services may help those that prefer to create audio or video records of their thoughts, musings, and knowledge to be transcribed into textual media.  Here is a list of transcription services you may wish to consider if you’re not interested in becoming the next Mavis Beacon.

Escriptionist.com – reasonable rates and a solid reputation place this firm at the top of the list.

GMR Transcription claims to offer:

  • Accurately processed transcripts for both medical and non-medical dictations
  • Expert, prompt, courteous and flexible service to meet your specific business needs
  • Expeditious and courteous communication
  • Maintenance of confidentiality for all transcriptions
  • Affordable pricing

Production Transcripts – not the most affordable of the bunch, but they offer fast turnaround times and two types of transcription services.

Franklin Square – their website isn’t the greatest, but they have a very good reputation and seemingly charge reasonable fees for their services. Their specialty is interviews, and they have a “per line” pricing option that can save you money compared to those that charge by the minute.

Absolute Docs – a transcription company that has been around for 15 years and promises to deliver high quality services.  No pricing was available on their website when I last visited, but there is a pricing request mechanism provided.

NYC Transcription – Impressive client list leads me to believe these guys must be all right.  Free pricing quote available but no pricing visible on the website from everything I could tell.

WeType4U – affordable transcriptionist that promises fast turnaround depending upon the type of job you’re looking to knock out.

Casting Words – very affordable services depending upon your turnaround time needs.  Worth looking into if you’re not in a hurry to get your transcription back tomorrow or the next day.

iDictate – “Your pocket secretary” offers transcriptions from BlackBerries and pocket devices with no monthly fees or obligations.

Fantastic Transcripts – offers $150 service for audio hour for a draft transcription and $195 for proofread transcription.  Offers Spanish transcription services at a premium price.

There you have a quick rundown of 10 Transcription Services to consider for your next job or if you’re not as good at typing as you are dictating into a recorder or creating a video.  Re-purposing and repackaging content is a great way to increase your online “footprint” and attract more of your target audience.