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Amway Business- Marketing Amway Business Growth Strategies

Before I get into marketing strategies for growing your amway business, I’d like to focus more on what the true definition of marketing really is. Marketing is a profession, just like any other profession which takes education and training. Unfortunately it’s not a profession taught in school. It’s something that you must learn on your own due to trial and error alone with persistence. The advantage or marketing compared to other professions is that it can be applied to any profession in the world. For example, If a dentist doesn’t know how to market his profession, he’s going to fail and his business will not succeed.

I have chosen to write this article about marketing and using the amway business as an example because amway is one of the most successful network marketing companies in the word and have been around longer than almost everyone else. They have a wide variety of high quality products to choose from and they even use television commercials now to get their brand known. The strategies and techniques that I’ll be referring to for growing your amway business can actually be applied to any MLM or home based business. In fact, what I’ll be discussing is the secret to what makes so many people successful.

The first thing that you’re going to need is a system. The reason a system is unavoidable when growing your amway business is because amway is a network marketing company which means in order for you to make lots of money, everyone else under you must be successful as well. Using a tried and tested system is replicable and simple. The second key ingredient you must have when growing your business is leads. If you don’t have leads and prospects to talk to, everything else you do won’t matter. In order for your system to work you must understand the full benefit as well as the pros and cons of using a script. Once you understand the advantages and disadvantages you’ll clearly see that the success of your amway business will depend on using scripts.

Your marketing system can be broken down in 4 simple steps.

A Prospecting scrpt
A Recorded Presentation Call
A Closing Script
A system for training others.

You will memorize and read your script to every prospect (lead) that you call. Next, for the ones that show interest, you will send them to a recorded presentation call that promotes your amway business opportunity that you created using a script. For the ones that are still interested after the presentation call is done, you will finalize the enrollment process by reading your closing script.
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