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Article Marketing Made through Manual Submission is The Most Effective Article Marketing Strategy

Article Marketing Made through Manual Submission is the most popular method among many experienced article marketers. Of course, I don’t say that they never use massive article marketing service, but I mean they mostly prefer manual article submission. I’ve always thought about the main reason why many internet marketing gurus consider this the most effective article marketing strategy. Now in this article, I’ll share my research results.

Article Marketing Made through Manual SubmissionWhy Is It The Most Effective Article Marketing Strategy? 

Here are top 2 Reasons:

 1.    Manual Article Distribution is More Reliable. 

I think the first important reason is that such kind of article submission is more reliable. Why? – Because when you submit each and every article manually, you choose only a few directories and after submission you ensure article is already online.  

But could you do this with massive distribution with software? Then you would have to visit each and every article directory from those 100 or more sites and check if your article is live. This would tire you fast and a few days later you would certainly quit doing this routine.

 2.    Manual Article Distribution is More Productive  

Why? – Because you choose only the best (do-follow, highest pr) sites for manual submission to get maximum results for minimum efforts. Therefore finally you get more productive results.

I think for these top 2 reasons some internet marketers often use manual submission for the most effective article marketing. 


Article marketing made through manual article submission is more time-saving, more productive and more reliable. This is like to working according to 80/20 principle.

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