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Author: Chet Holmes

First off, this is a fantastic book for anyone involved in the marketing of a business; not just salespeople. Chet Holmes does a great job connecting the strategic aspects of business with the sales and marketing functions to the point it would be hard not to increase revenue if you take action with the 12 areas he covers in the book.

As an aside: I also sat in on one of the webinars given by one of his direct reports, and it was fantastic. The webinar covered many of the same concepts included in the book, but it sometimes helps to hear the material presented in various ways so that it sticks.

Education based marketing is the way to go in today’s business climate, and Holmes’ drives that point home very well throughout the book. Potential consumers and prospects are bombarded with messages every day, and they are very self centered when they make a purchase. In order to standout from the clutter, an education based marketing approach is necessary and highly advisable based on Holmes’ approach.

Overall, I’d highly recommend this book if you’re looking to improve your marketing’s reach and increase sales as a result. If you take action, you will get results.