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One of the most important considerations of running a successful and profitable online business involves resources.  By resources, I am referring to the suite of online resources that you use in your business on a daily basis.  Regardless of whether you are an internet marketer or online entrepreneur focusing on another niche, it is vitally important that you document the most common online resources that you use in your business.

There are three (3) main reasons why it is important to know, document, and utilize an electronic Rolodex of online resources.

1)  Save time – The first and largest factor of utilizing an online Rolodex of resources is to save time.  How many times have you looked to add a script to your website only to have to waste 30 minutes searching for the script?  When you cannot find a resource at the appropriate time, you are subjecting yourself and your business to inefficiencies that lead to lost production.

2)  Save money – When you know where to find your resources it will keep you from “Googling” to find a resource and from getting hooked on someone’s sales page.  About the time that you need a specific resource and cannot find it, the next obvious step is to search Google for that or a similar resource.  Just record your resource links to avoid this time wasting and money spending activity! It takes a little time, and I struggle with documenting because of that, but I honestly know better.

3)  Improved products – It takes time and money to buy resources.  When you’ve purchased something once……don’t waste time looking for alternatives or waste money purchasing competitor’s products.  Focus on the resources that you do have – use them daily and become an expert in the application of those resources.  Over time, your products will improve due to the consistency of use and of the resources that you use to complete daily tasks!

Overall, it is important to record your online resources for quick and efficient reference.  By doing so, you’ll improve business efficiencies leading to saved time and money!

What’s the point of all of this? I have literally stumbled across a resource that has attempted to do a few of these things for us.  It’s call CashMaps, and I was turned onto it by Rich Schefren who has partnered with the creators to help promote their wares in addition to trying to help businesses grow at a rapid rate.  If you haven’t checked out Rich’s latest report, The Uncertainty Syndrome, you owe it to yourself to download it (it’s free!)

I have purchased two of Rich’s home study products (The Business Acceleration Program and The Maven Home Study Program) and have learned a LOT from everything he’s produced.  More on that in another post down the road, but go get some great free stuff in the meantime as the links I’ve shared today take you to free resources that you can learn from immediately.