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Links are like a healthy addiction. And if you are to survive in the online marketplace you need lots and lots of links.
Injecting Links!

But links are like the U.S. Dollar (especially lately!). The Treasury keeps printing dollars and what happens to the value of the dollar? It goes down. Simple supply and demand right?

So if Google bases its valuations of link value on who links to who link to who links to you (ad infinitum). And that is related to how many total pages are on the web. Then we have to consider the fact that the minute you get a link, its value has diminished almost instantly.( If only fractionally). Just last year there was close to 1.5 blogs created a second! So your links over time diminish in value. Thus, your linking must continue on a consistent basis.

Therefore linking is an addiction you should never quit if you are to succeed online.

Get Your Link ON!