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During my weekly enjoyment of the NBA on TNT tonight, I noticed the Chrysler 300 commercials flowing regularly with a good mix of hip-hop music and engaging visuals of some tricked out 300 vehicles.

They encourage people to upload videos and/or photos of their customized Chrysler to one of their websites. Even though the same spot aired several times throughout the night, I found myself looking forward to them. “Why” you may ask? They truly understand their target audience, and their attempt to involve their existing customer base is great.

I’m not sure how much of a community they have built as a result of their efforts thus far, but they’re employing good marketing tactics that should pay off in time. While I personally don’t want a Chrysler 300, I appreciate the ads from a marketing perspective.

Since I’m on the topic of good marketing spots . . . the Ameriprise series with Dennis Hopper are very well done and do a fantastic job of targeting the Baby Boomer generation in a fashion that should resonate with them.

Next time you catch either of these commercials, take note of your reaction and come on back and share your opinions here.