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Paid Article Marketing ? Why Is Massive Article Submission One Of The Most Popular Article Marketing Strategies?

Paid article marketing is actively used by many internet marketing gurus on a regular basis. Why? –Because they are so busy with creating and promotion new products and services that they are not able to spend time for massive article submission on a regular basis. The problem is that when there is delay in submission your competitors can easily beat you within a few days or weeks in certain niche. So let’s talk below about massive article submission more deeply.

Why Is Massive Article Submission One Of The Most Popular Article Marketing Strategies? 

Here are top 2 reasons why massive article distribution is the major part of paid article marketing: 

1.    Paid article submission saves you time and helps to gain hundreds of quality backlinks within 24-48 hours.  

Massive submission of articles to 100 or more article marketing directories is quite affordable for every marketer. But when you think about the value you get for the cheap and quality service then you realize such kind of paid article marketing saves your time for other important projects and helps you to easily get hundreds of backlinks overnight. 

2.    Massive distribution can increase your sales overnight. 

Just imagine what if you affiliate product site would have gained 100 high quality backlinks from various higher pagerank article directories? Of course, you would likely make one or more sales overnight. 


You can use paid article marketing service either on forums like DP (here you will find cheap and quality service) or on special sites which offer professional article submission, or as a cheaper option – Isnare article directory that distributes 5 articles to thousands sites for only .

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