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Promotional Risk Coverage Differentiates Brands Which Bet on This Promotional Marketing Strategy

Follow these simple steps in marketing promotions strategy and build big brands that will stand the test of time.

There is no argument that consumers are responding to large cash and prize giveaways. Your marketing research can stop with the review of network programming you find in recent shows like Deal or No Deal, Price Is Right, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, and the many other network promotions which include large prize and cash offerings to both gain consumer loyalty and increase ratings. Radio and television stations, newsprint and magazine publications, online and offline companies alike are all tapping into the simplest of strategy to increase viewers, visitors and readership, while gaining promotional affiliations and sponsorships. The strategy is simple. They are taking promotional risk.

The strategy behind marketing promotions, which include promotional risk coverage, is simple and enables companies to differentiate brands in a very competitive market. Promotional risk covered promotions open up possibilities to offer larger prizes than most companies can afford, or would want to take promotional risk on. These large prizes are proven to increase registrations of online users, traffic in stores, and sales at any given time, leads generated both offline and online promotions, and build large brands through consumer loyalty. The strategy is to include a prize offering, which can be based on a game of skill, game of chance, or the redemption of an offer.

With Games of Skill, you could include promotional risk coverage in offering someone a chance to win up to ,000,000 in a sports promotion. You have probably seen such games of skill in basketball promotions of a random fan shooting a basketball from half court. A football promotion might include a punt or throwing contest, or a hole in one coverage for golf promotions and tournaments.

Games of Chance are found in online marketing promotions and Internet marketing, with sweepstakes, online contests and games. You might see them in offline promotions for trade shows and events where B2B marketers or consumer marketers are holding drawings to increase traffic to events, increase customer response and generate leads.

Promotional risk coverage can be included in marketing promotions to protect companies against over redemption of coupon offerings and fix promotional marketing budgets for both consumer and B2B marketing strategies. Conditional offerings, such as conditional weather rebates, can add to marketing promotions to engage consumer involvement in the promotion and increase promotional coverage and public relations of the marketing effort.

Over redemption coverage allows promotional risk coverage to prevent the variable costs associated to budgeting of a marketing promotion when there is uncertainty about your program’s response rate or outcome. Promotional risk companies cover the cost of excess redemptions or responses, whatever the value of the prize, rebate, coupon, or premium. This allows you to plan promotional expenses to the penny, eliminate budget overruns for higher than expected response, and stretch promotional dollars for a maximum market impact.

The bottom line is magnified during the current economic climate, within every department of every business, small or large. To drive business in a recession, or any economic downturn, marketers must find new ways to gain and maintain market share. Those who realize that the success and longevity of their brand is in the hands of the American consumer will stand far ahead of the competitor. In order to engage the consumer and gain brand loyalty, the savvy marketer provides that consumer with benefits which will entice reaction. Consumers react to what they perceive is in their best interest. Find that formula in promotional risk coverage and you will benefit.

Along with incorporating promotional risk coverage into Promotional Currency’s digital incentive product offerings, the promotional marketing company assists businesses manage their risk on redemption-based promotions.  By analyzing the odds of redemption and then placing the risk with an A+ insurance company, Promotional Currency can provide your brand with a fixed-cost solution that amounts to a fraction of the actual promotional value.  And should over-redemption occur, Promotional Currency will cover the cost – whatever the value of the prize, rebate, coupon or premium.

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