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Increasing sales is a goal of just about every single company out there today but far too many don’t know how to grow their sales effectively.

My guest 10/18/07, Michael Boylan, author of “Accelerants” and “The Power to Get In,” will share ways you can grow your company as a sales representative, marketer and/or a business owner including how to:

  • Target new revenue opportunities more efficiently and effectively
  • Compress and make more efficient your existing sales process
  • Craft stronger, more persuasive value propositions that create urgency to act
  • Identify and gain access to the real decision makers faster and more effectively
  • More accurately assess and scope the likelihood of each opportunity’s probability to close earlier in your courting process
  • Compress closing cycles and reduce your cost of sales by up to 25 percent

To join us for the show live @ 2 PM ET (11 AM PT), please visit The Bauer Pauer Hauer. If you’d like to call in and ask a question, the number is 866-472-5790. To have a question answered (on or off air), please e-mail radio@smbconsultinginc.com, and I will see to it you get your question(s) answered.