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Ever had one of those days where you question whether you’ve made wise business choices lately? Today has been one of those days, but I’m afraid the answers I uncover over the next few weeks aren’t going to be to my liking. I know I violated my own gut instincts with one decision in particular, and I’m kicking myself for it pretty hard right now.

If you’re in a business venture with others, is it clear to everyone involved whether the business could succeed without you or not? If the business could succeed without you, why do you continue to hang around in a decision making capacity? Why should your partners listen to you if the organization could survive without you?

If you bring nothing unique to the mix, and someone else is primarily responsible for the success of the organization, why not do the right thing and get out of the way by taking on a diminished role? It doesn’t mean you have to leave completely, but move aside to let the others grow the business. Chances are you’re not helping; you’re in the way! I’m just sayin’.

Is the generation gap between Boomers and Generation X THAT wide?

Is new media good for business or bad?

How much do you engage in social media for your business? How’s it working out for you?

Are there any business “secrets” anymore? What about new ideas?

Why is there such reluctance from the older generations to embrace new media and accept the fact that the new rules of journalism are vastly different from the good old days? There are newspapers and television outlets that struggle with this mightily, and my suspicion is those outlets are run by elder statesmen. Time to wake up, people! Or get out of the way to let the younger generation take the organization to the next level. I’m just pointing out the elephant in the room that everyone wants to ignore. Don’t shoot the messenger!

If you could start any new business today, what would it be? What would be your first step?

Am I crazy to think $1 million isn’t that much money and shouldn’t be that hard for a business to generate?

Do you know of a sharp Internet marketer that is looking to be a part of a startup? How about a copywriter? If you do, please send them my way.

When starting a new venture, what’s the first hire you make?

Enough ramblings and ponderings for now . . . would love to get your take on any or all of this.