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The numbers have been crunched, and things are moving ahead at a decent pace. A couple of options to consider that your feedback will greatly help in determining the ultimate immediate short-term direction for the REMO Training program.

The REMO Training (physically delivered package) will cost $497 for the first 100 people who purchase it, and it’s a one time deal. The second wave, to be ordered from the fulfillment company as soon as the first one sells out, will cost $797. I’m blatantly rewarding you early birds with a substantial one-time discount for taking rapid action because I appreciate those who act swiftly.

I’m also mulling over offering an ongoing coaching program should there be enough demand. That would cost $197/month for six installments or a pre-pay-in-full option of $997 (you’d save $185). Even though there isn’t a physical product involved, a coaching program requires a LOT more logistical work and coordination so it’s worth more primarily due to the time commitment.

The coaching program would feature weekly conference calls (with Q&A sessions at the end) and “homework” assignments along with an additional 6 month’s access to all of the recorded resources (including anything added for the next group of students) after the initial six month period is over so you’re essentially getting a year’s worth of training materials. There is plenty of material to cover so it may be a case of what works best for you.

A third option: purchase the home study course AND the coaching program for $1,497 (one lump payment) or 6 monthly installments of $297.

So that brings me to this (drum roll please): which appeals most to you?

A) Home study course (physical product)

B) 6 month coaching program (with 12 months worth of access)

C) The “Combo” pack

If it’s (B) the coaching program, I’ll rapidly shift gears so we can start that as early as next week. 🙂

Let me hear from you in the comments section below.

PS–any one of these options costs far less than it would cost to outsource the first month of your SEO and/or Social Media Marketing services so keep that in mind as you mull it over.  If you have an assistant, any one of these training options would be a great opportunity for them to contribute more to your business.  The same is true if you happen to have a lot of downtime right now because the market is soft–you could learn a new set of skills that translates across multiple industries should you desire to add to your income through something on the side.  Any way you slice it, you can emerge from the pack way ahead.