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Small Business Marketing 101

Having a small business can be very exciting and rewarding. Most frustrations in a small business comes from not having enough leads, not making enough sales and then having cash flow problems. How you market your business determines whether you’ll have those frustrations or not.

The problem stems from most small business owners not knowing which Small Business Marketing ideas to use or which web marketing strategy will get results for their business.

That’s right, small business marketing is a system…not an event. It takes a consistent effort day in and out to generate new leads from people who are interested in what your product or service is.

For your business to be successful online you need a proven small business marketing system, targeted traffic and conversion! Having the ability to build relationships with prospects and educate them on why you are the expert in your industry.

Everybody has a small business marketing website and they are trying to convince you why you need their services. It amazes me when I ask small business owners how many people have bought off their website. They look at me and say ‘we had 500 visitors this month’ my reply is always the same. Do you know who they are, have you got their contact details are you marketing to them? Having visitors is great however rather than having a website that sells ‘only’ why not have a website that captures prospects and adds value to their life. You’ll instantly increase your sales!

We find that many new businesses don’t invest in small business marketing and eventually find themselves with a dwindling bank account and failure in their brand awareness. I appreciate it’s a catch 22 you need money to market and you need to market to make money. So what comes first?

There are a number of ways you can build your profile and market your business without having to spend large amounts of money.

Creating a marketing budget is usually the hardest and most inaccurate part of small business marketing, however without it your travelling blind down the path, hoping that things work out for the best.

Marketing is all about gaining exposure to generate leads from people who are interested in your product or service. When breaking up your day, you should be spending at least 80% of your time on marketing and sales.

Want some inexpensive marketing strategies? Here are a few:

The quickest way to get your business known is with social media. How things can spread viral and how quickly makes this a very powerful tool.

Using blogs and articles is another inexpensive way to gain exposure and build your business profile, this along with video is extremely powerful to getting your message out to your prospects quickly and effectively.

Networking events where you can meet other business owners is another inexpensive way to build your business exposure and gain networks of people that could help your business grow.

Using a number of small business marketing strategies will allow you to dominate your market! In total there are some 45+ lead generation strategies you could use. We only use 19 and we generate 30+ leads everyday.

You need to take charge of your small business marketing efforts. Don’t delay any longer in revamping your small business marketing plan for the 21st century! You want more clients, customers and revenue then you need to let them know that you exist

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