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A “salty” version of Southern Social Media is in store for you today . . . I went on quite the rant about some recent happenings in the Internet Marketing world and some of the scam artists out there.

Topics include:

  • The southern definition of “barrier”
  • Two social media connections that have figured this stuff out that aren’t trying to get money from you . . . why they’re successful and how it can benefit your business.
  • Perry Belcher – Forewarning: SERIOUS rant ahead . . . this guy isn’t the “good guy” we all thought
  • StomperNet: buyer beware (why are they struggling financially if they’re getting $800/month and have “2,500 happy subscribers”? Something just doesn’t add up)
  • Brad Fallon’s $100,000 spending spree (as it pertains to StomperNet)
  • 5 Mistakes to Avoid with Social Media
  • Employing someone to help your business utilize social media
  • You might be a redneck . . . 3 full examples

From a personal standpoint, I feel 10 times better for getting this stuff off my chest, and I hope you listen in so that you don’t fall victim to some of the “mind control” marketing going on out there that is merely designed to mislead you and part your money from your wallet. While rants aren’t common, this one is sure to help you avoid some unsavory characters online.