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Happy Halloween Eve! Wes and I just completed a high spirited and humorous Southern Social Media podcast that mixed in some really good tips as Curtis joined us today and kicked some knowledge.  That makes Curtis our first “official” guest of the show.

Among the items discussed:

  • 50 of the Hottest Twitter Brands
  • The “Social Media is Not Right for My Business” Misconception
  • The “Your Style of Marketing isn’t Right for My Business” Misnomer (do business owners really think that relevant leads can’t be attracted through online channels? REALLY? Puzzling line of thinking)
  • How Social Media Contests Can Further Customer Engagement
  • The southern definition of asparagus
  • A very critical public service announcement especially targeted for California & Ohio drivers
  • The story of a shooting over a MySpace comment involving 2 family members in Georgia (Wes and I keep saying we do things a little different in the south . . . we ain’t kiddin’!)
  • Why the one who educates their prospects the most wins
  • You might be a redneck if . . .
  • Google Wave
  • 4 Emerging Trends of Social Media

I’m confident we talked about some more stuff, but that’s all my feeble memory can recall as of this entry.  Have a great Halloween and make sure your kids avoid the boogy man this weekend. 😉