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Wes and I just completed today’s installment of “Southern Social Media” to which you can listen in on below to the podcast.

Among the topics of discussion:

  1. Getting help with social media marketing if you’re just starting out (consider http://smNinja.com and http://TwitterTrafficTornado.com)
  2. Building a relevant following from scratch
  3. RSS Feeds (pros & cons)
  4. Waiting until it’s too late to start marketing & using social media
  5. How hobbyists are the most frequent bloggers yet use social media to drive traffic to their blogs
  6. Your sales process and how it aligns with your prospects’ buying process
  7. Twitter Local
  8. Twitter Grader (Twitter.Grader.com)
  9. Live Webinar today at 4 PM ET / 1 PM PT (http://XiosoftPresenter.com/?eventid=9580503)

There is a workbook to go along with today’s webinar that you can download here:

Social Media Webinar Workbook

Please join us later on for the live webinar at 4 PM ET . . . again, the link to get straight in is:


Talk to you at 4 PM ET!