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After a couple of days away, Wes and I are back at it with Southern Social Media today.  Both of us had scheduling conflicts the past few days that kept us from getting on the horn together, and you know how Wes gets territorial if I venture out and do a solo program.  😉

Amongst today’s topics:

  • 3 Top Reasons Why Social Media is Still a Tough Sell
  • Social Media Consultants . . . how to find one to help you & kick the project off successfully
  • Finding someone within your organization to become your social media “czar”
  • How Do We Manage the Adoption of Social Media?
  • Will Social Media Kill Trade Publications?
  • The future of print & trade publications
  • Southern definitions of “appear” and “attacks”
  • Monitoring tools for social media
  • The likely direction of social media monitoring

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