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A later than usual version of Southern Social Media today, but it’s better late than never, right?

Among the topics:

  • Men make more than women in social media related jobs
  • People in social media jobs aren’t as satisfied in their roles as they were a year ago
  • Why you need to simplify before tackling social media
  • Social media is WORK!!! It ain’t all fun and games in spite of the misinformed opinion to the contrary.
  • What do you REALLY want social media marketing to do for you at the end of the day? We believe that most people want leads out of their campaigns so that is the crux behind the List Samurai product due to be released any day now.
  • The southern definition of aspect
  • 5 Eras of Social Media (the time-frames are very short for “eras”)
  • Seek guidance with your social media marketing campaigns!!! Don’t try to tackle all of this stuff solo . . . there’s simply too much of it to master in too short of time.  Find someone to help you shorten your learning and implementation curve.