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Last night I was running late to football practice . (oh I forgot to mention I Coach 8 and 9 year olds). So I called ahead and asked my assistant to get the stretching started.

As I was getting there he got all the guys to spread out to a more traditional stretching formation ( I usually have them more bunched up). You see my assistant was one of my high school Coaches way back in the day. ( I am blessed enough to have two of my H.S. Coaches as my Assistant Coaches today. In fact, one of them is in the real estate/mortgage business).

Then another Coach asked why we don’t do more of some other showey thing. I, shall we say snapped! And exclaimed “why don’t we worry about what happens on the game field instead of the pre-game field!”Leverage

I understand their thinking. But I am practical. However, I often will skim past details until proven they matter. This philosophy has bitten me back a few times I must say. However I would rather focus on larger levers.

I see this as a major advantage the way Spider Juice Technologies does SEO. Most ebooks and most teachers, (especially those positing their own free dose of online SEOducation ) often MAJOR in minor details.

My guess is that after a while they run out of the MJOR levers, so they talk about stuff that arguably matters, but not much. Never mind that your time is better spent going out and looking for a good high quality link.

The industry seeks to settle for tradition and standards. That is a tradition of minors and false standards of professionalism that often settle for the lowest common denominator. While the masses eat from the hand that feeds them junk food disguised as caviar. The big levers like strategy and philosophy are passed over in favor of logical discussions that make sense on the surface but are often based on false pretenses and sadly little practical experience.

Tactics make for great how to articles for SEO Gurus, but waste time when not used in relationship to a larger strategy. After all, a number 1 position and 50 cents will either get you a cup of coffee or a commission. Any profit from that position depends on many variables that if not considered makes that position worth just a cup of Sanka.

Major in Majors in Search Engine Optimization

Have these 6 then get links forever!

  1. Doctype Tag
  2. Keywords in Title Tag
  3. Robots.txt
  4. Google Sitemap
  5. Textual Link Navigation (as opposed to graphic links or link maps)
  6. Validate your HTML

Now create great content. And get links, and create great content and get links. Ad Nauseum.