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Yesterday, I sent many of you a link to a brief real estate marketing survey.  I’ve gotten some responses, and there is a consensus on a few items.

The most “alarming” is that no one who responded is happy with what they’re getting out of their business.  Furthermore, 75% are not generating enough income to support themselves/their family.  Ruh roh! Great information to know so thank you for sharing, but I have some serious work to do to help you all.  🙂

Half of you stated you’d like to convert more leads to sales (we can work on that), and the lowest average rating for the multiple category question is search engine rankings which means you’d like to improve your search rankings most of the items presented. That is good news for me as I prepare the real estate marketing training package because it tells me there is a need for this product, and I know I can help you.

Anyway, if you haven’t completed the survey, here’s a link to it:

Real Estate Marketing Survey

I’d appreciate as much feedback as possible to make sure the training package totally meets your needs.  Once you complete the survey, there’s another free report to download at the end.  Eventually, I’ll turn this survey into a report and send it out to those that have confirmed their registration for “The State of Online Search for Real Estate.” (If you haven’t gotten your copy, that’s a free report, too by the way.)

Any comments or suggestions? Let me know by commenting below.