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A quick rant today to share with you that serves a valuable lesson.

I just got an email from a pretty big company that offered access to a white paper that piqued an interest.  I clicked on the link to access it and had to jump through a bunch of unnecessary hoops to get to it so I created a podcast to summarize what all happened and the takeaways from it.



What did you learn from that quick rant?

We’re Guilty, Too!

Internally, it’s forcing me to revisit several campaigns to map them out more strategically.

For instance, if you happen to click on one of the top feature links on this website’s home page to register for a report, white paper, or mini-email series, that should be enough to get access to other stuff.  Agreed?  So you probably don’t want to have to register again and again to get access to other stuff even though you may have an interest in it today.

Today, our campaigns don’t even do a poor job of “cross pollinating” so that’s going to get fixed.

Secondly, it would be helpful to us (and you, too), in our ongoing marketing efforts, to gather additional information to determine readiness and willingness to make a buying decision on marketing services yet we ask for very little progressive information as someone progresses through a campaign today.

Bottom Line

When you offer lead magnets, capture the data you need today to effectively follow up right now not one year down the road or two years from now.

Next, once you have someone’s contact information, offer additional lead magnets to help you determine readiness to buy and further segment your list.  Use trackable links to do this versus asking people to fill out the same basic information over and over again.  If you have a strategic piece of information you can gather to help determine readiness, capture it ONLY via another web form on your site.  Link the web form on your site to the contact record so that it updates the proper person.

If you don’t know how to do any of this, your web programmer or your auto-responder service should so ask them how to make your campaigns and web forms more dynamic.

Anyway, I hope this helps you with your ongoing marketing campaigns and you learned something valuable during your visit today.