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Which is better ? PPC or Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

We need organic traffic for generating business. Who is going to generate that and how? Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best solutions which are very popular amongst the online businesses.  It is considered to be a great way to get website traffic but there are many cases in which Pay per Click (PPC) advertising proves to be a more powerful tool. Organic Search Engine Optimization is generally a slow process which is definitely a powerful tool for long term traffic generation. Usually the online business owners are small to medium in size and their returns are also not very high, which makes them more vulnerable and need special support from the professionals.

Often the Google algorithm makes changes which greatly affect the overall rankings of the website in search results. It is commonly observed that after every Google algorithm change the results differ hugely which can make or break a small business. Search engine optimization guaranteed results are not that difficult to achieve but how long they will last is a big question. What happens is that when you optimize the site against the popular terms the Google crawler lists you as one of the prime sources for that particular service or product. But if you have done something wrong with the website you get ready to be penalized. Google is very strict about the fake stuff. Actually, for almost every website on the web Google and the other search engines are the primary source of traffic. So, they optimize their websites according to their guidelines, if by chance or deliberately, they make some fraudulent optimization then will face big problems. This is why it is quite natural that businesses devote quality time and money on SEO and on choosing the right professionals.

Another method, PPC campaign, is a very special technique using which any website can get top listing on Google, provided you pay big bucks. Pay more, be on the top. It is definitely a fast and effective method but will last till the time website it is paid for. Both techniques have their pros and cons; choice is ultimately yours and only yours!

Author has 3 years experience in Internet Marketing.With the help of PPC campaign improves websites search engine rankings in search engines .