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So a few nights ago I came home from football practice (I volunteer as a football Coach) with my oldest son to find the door of my house wide open. As I looked inside I saw a man I did not recognize chatting with my wife.

As it turns out it was a Kirby vacuum salesman and he had my wife sold. He had talked her into believing that our Dyson was worthless and we really needed his super high powered carpet machine.Kirby1

His offer had all the elements going for it. Lifetime guarantee, and well, it shampoos and actually picks up the dirt. Soooo. Long story short I had to ask him after he was done selling me on how he canvasses.

He and his team doorknock….All day and into the night.

Now I don’t know about you, but I have always thought doorknocking a bit beneath me. Back in my house selling days I was a Mike Ferryite and a couple of his Superstars was Daryl and Kim and they walked neighborhoods all day long. I thought that was stupid. They sold lots of properties, I struggled (until I started working expireds).

I then met an agent years later at a barbecue in the same town as Darryl and Kim. Long Beach. And that is all he did. Doorknock and he was doing deals. More than most.

When the Kirby guy was at my house it was smack dab on the darkest day of the recent bailout talks. He told me he sold 4 Kirbys that night. Ranging in price from $1600 to $2200.

Sales professionals don’t starve. They prospect and they sell.