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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Off Page Equity?

Huh? Have you ever thought about what that means? Going back to its roots, SEO meant to optimize a page so an engine like Alta Vista would like it and rank it higher than the next guy or gal. Words like density, proximity, metas all were part of optimizing a page.

Then along came Google at a time when the web was getting more and more tangled. Meaning it was ginormous!

Realtors started building two and three websites in some cases. And non Realtors-SEO guys like me were building real estate websites for affiliate money.

So what makes your site any better than your competitors?

  • IDX. Check
  • Community Data. Check
  • School Data. Check
  • Crime Data. Check
  • About You. Check

So what makes your website so unique? Every website has this stuff to some degree or another.  And honestly can we expect a machine  (Google, MSN/Live, Yahoo) to act human and judge the quality of your website? Seriously what makes your site any better than the next agents?  And honestly do you even want a machine actually judging what you offer?

So the engines in all their wisdom have come to rely on links to your real estate webpage to act as judge and jury.

Oh sure they have other quality scores to make sure your stuff matters over the other gals stuff. But when the main main SEO levers are in place, links are everything. I even know people who have made blank-empty pages rank high in the engines by just linking to them.

So ……..Get Your Link On!